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Falmouth Bay High Summer (watercolour)


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A3 Fine Art Giclée Print. I have no desire to show you what the place looks like. This watercolour was painted in the summer of 2018 on a hot day in June. I found an ancient saying "learn the rules, then break the rules, then make your own rules". I would add, then repeat the process. I hope the viewer will feel the day instead of seeing the bay.

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Bill Brandson

Bill Brandson started painting in Vancouver in the mid fifties before moving to San Fransisco to study art, opera and ceramics. He then moved to Montreal to train as a teacher gaining a BA in English/Political Science from Sir George Williams University. Further study at McGill University gave him a 1st class teaching qualification and a postgraduate diploma in Androgogy. He painted infrequently during this time. He moved to Cornwall in 2003 and inspired by his new environment he started pa