Members are required to ship items to you as soon as is reasonably possible upon receipt of payment, taking into account the nature of the item(s) in question, preparation time and, where relevant, manufacturing time (if items are made or customised to order). Unless a Listing states otherwise, or unless you have agreed otherwise with the Member, the Member must dispatch items no later than 30 calendar days after the date on which the Sale takes place.

As stated in sub-Clause 8.2.3, you must provide complete and accurate delivery details to the Member. The Member is responsible for ensuring that they use the delivery address exactly as you provide it to them, but if dispatched items do not reach you due to an incorrect address provided by you, it is your responsibility and not the Member’s.

Delivery costs are calculated automatically, and the cost of delivery will be automatically added at the point of sale. We currently only show delivery charges for the UK and EEA, the delivery charges for any orders for outside of the EEA will be calculated on a case by case basis upon application.

Once an item has been dispatched to you, the Member will inform you that it has been dispatched.

Members are responsible for ensuring that they check, are aware of, and comply with all applicable shipping and customs regulations when shipping items to you.