Developed by PH Media, who are a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, The Art of Cornwall is Cornwall’s premier online art and craft marketplace. Our database of artists, artisans, galleries, museums and art societies who we work closely with, has ensured worldwide recognition of this online gallery. The ‘go to’ place to locate, promote buy and sell all forms of Cornish based and affiliated creative expression, artwork and products from traditional to contemporary art, craft, & design.  

The design of the logo, the upside down       , is based on the idea of rotating the brush mark letter ‘A’ from the word Art to reflect Cornwall’s peninsula. In doing so, it also is reminiscent of a nib of a pencil (still for a lot of artists, the starting point for any piece of art). The logo has been kept to greyscale to match the black and white of the St Piran’s flag.  

We are very proud to support our local Artists/Artisans to build their brand and in turn letting our customers see Cornwall’s heritage through the eyes of our inspiring Artists/Artisans. We would also like to support our businesses from across the globe to create an interior of Cornish heritage, bringing the Duchy's landscapes outdoors indoors and to display local creative expressions, designed from across our glorious and extremely historic South West region.


Our customers can buy our members’ fine art, enthused from one of the most popular, picturesque regions in the country, Cornwall.  


We offer hundreds of products, from Limited Editions, Fine Art Giclée Prints, Canvas, Prints, Ceramics, Pottery, Jewellery and much more.

Embrace Cornwall’s heritage and bring our beautiful landscape indoors, be it your own living space, to uplift the office environment or simply to create ambience to any interior design. Get shopping now with delivery straight to your door. 

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